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MLSTest is a free Windows-based software for the analysis of Multilocus Sequence Data of haploid and diploid organisms. MLSTest is implemented using Visual Basic. The major aims and functions of MLSTest are:

  • MLST Data Management (Viewing, editing and concatenating sequences, allelic profiles construction, etc.)
  • Managing Diploid sequences
  • MLST data Analysis per se (eBURST, Distance Methods, Consensus methods, Multidimensional Scaling)
  • Fast and simple tests to determine whether the clustering methods are suitable for the dataset and to analyze genetic structure of the taxon
  • To select, reduce and optimize typing schemes

MLSTest requires a computer with Windows xp Service Pack 2 or better and Microsoft.net framework 3.5 or better.

Download here (unzip the file and double click on setup.exe).

A tutorial is available here (a pdf viewer is required)… Tutorial

An example dataset is attached here: dataset ejemplo (This dataset has been published by Lauthier et al. 2012, if you use information from this dataset, please do not forget to cite us)

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